The Triumph of Death and Death of Ledward in Alien: Covenant

Detail of The Triumph of Death

In this painting an army of skeletons wreaking havoc across a blackened, desolate landscape; just like the Engineer city laid wasted.

Fires burn in the distance; like those ignited by the Lander explosion and the sea is littered with shipwrecks; like the previously shipwrecked Juggernaut and Covenant.

Much like planet 4 there is a barren look to this landscape, save for the trees. The animals or meat are dead like the rotting dead fish lying on the shores of a pond abundant with corpses.

Scorched, barren earth, devoid of any life as far as the eye can see.

James Snyderm Art Historian

Legions of the dead go after the living, who either flee in terror or try in vain to fight back; just like the crew of the Covenant against the Neomorphs.

People of different backgrounds: peasants and soldiers to nobles as well as a king and a cardinal are being taken by death indiscriminately. This description could aptly describe both the Xenomorph and David.

The painting shows aspects of everyday life in the mid-sixteenth century, when the risk of plague was very severe. Clothes are clearly depicted, as are pastimes such as playing cards and backgammon. It shows objects such as musical instruments, an early mechanical clock, scenes including a funeral service, and various methods of execution, including the breaking wheel, the gallowsburning at the stake, and the headsman about to behead a victim who has just taken wine and communion. In one scene a human is the prey of a skeleton-hunter and his dogs. In another scene, a man with a grinding stone around his neck is about to be thrown into the pond by the skeletons

If anyone causes one of these little ones—those who believe in me—to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.

Matthew 18:6

The Triumph of Death by Pieter Bruegel the Elder—ca 1562 and Death of Ledward in Alien: Covenant 2017, Directed by Ridley Scott.