EXCLUSIVE – Prometheus 2 Ridleygrams – Episode 29 – Yutani Podcast

A special Studio Yutani Exclusive, we have been sent from one of our anonymous sources the Prometheus 2 Ridleygrams. @traviandesigns / Syntax and @muthur9000 will be reviewing and reacting to it, I recommend you listen to our Alien: Covenant Prologue reaction as well.

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Listen to Episode 29 of the Studio Yutani Podcast – Exclusive Prometheus 2 Ridleygrams


  • Alessandro Bavari
  • World War Z inspired Hallett’s Death
  • MPC’s work on Alien: Covenant
  • Monster: Dark Continent inspired the Alien’s movement
  • The Neomorph attack was inspired by “Mountains of the Moon” and “Monsters”
  • Giger Eggs
Ovomorphs, David’s Drawings
  • Beck leaping in space inspired Tennessee’s movements in space
  • AvP Galaxy Downloads section, see:
    • Paradise (Prologue) Script β€“ Opening scenes of an early Alien: Covenant draft by John Logan. This would eventually form the basis for The Crossing viral. Dated August 6, 2015.
    • Paradise Lost Script β€“ Early Alien: Covenant draft by John Logan. Dated August 19, 2015.
    • Alien: Covenant Script β€“ Early draft by John Logan. Dated November 20, 2015.

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