Chestburster Ring by muthur9000

I have had a few enquiries about the Chestburster Ring so I thought it would be a good idea to answer any questions here and receive commissions.


I want one, how much does it cost?

I charge by the hour and the cost of materials, it’s $30 an hour (AUD) and then I can make the item in Platinum, Gold or Silver. The one featured in the photo is $350, that’s 2 days carving, 1 day casting and finish.

That’s way too expensive, I have seen cheaper on the internet!

This is a custom made piece, usually jewellery commissions that are one off will fetch a high price. You get what you pay for.

Ok, so what’s the go if I do get one?

Once you’ve purchased using the button below, I send you a ring sizer. This ensures the piece will fit you and there may be room for adjustment.

Once you let me know your ring size I can start carving the piece immediately, at most it takes 3 days.

Once payment is completed there will be another quote for shipping, depending on your country and tax on items will depend on further costs. I recommend having it insured.

Once you receive the ring and any adjustments need to be made, I recommend taking it to your local jeweller. It would be much cheaper than shipping it back to me in Australia.

What if I change my mind after the deposit has been made?

If you want something different, that is easy enough if I haven’t already finished the carving. If I have, then you need to make another deposit as the original one is not refundable.

What metals is it available in?

9ct Gold, Rose Gold, 18 ct Gold, Rose Gold, Sterling Silver(Bright), Oxidised(Black).

Each comes with a standard ring box.

Where can I order it?

Right here

Chestburster Ring

Chestburster Ring Sterling Silver


Chestburster Ring Gold

Chestburster Ring 8ct Gold (image is of Sterling Silver Ring)


Custom Commission Deposit

This deposit will be to design and sculpt the item in question. I can give you a quote on different metals once the sculpt is done. This doesn't include metal or postage.