The part one of Alien: Outland web mini series by Perfect Organism Podcast is out! Josephine and James Denton are scientists that have been dispatched to the planet Elias to research a cure for Roanoke, a virus that’s been spreading to Weyland Yutani colonists. Jo Denton is tasked with reporting on their progress as requested […]

Oz Comic Con 2019 is happening in Melbourne, Australia, this weekend. It’s just like its sibling events that take place in San Diego and New York. It’s big. It’s noisy. It’s a vibrant celebration of everything from all corners of Pop Culture. I came to the event wondering what would be on show from booth […]

Originally posted on The Nostromo Files:
? The retro-futurist design aesthetic of Ridley Scott‘s Alien lends authenticity to the depiction of the commercial towing vehicle, Nostromo, that veteran of untold ore-processing runs in the service of Weyland-Yutani’s extra-solar mining division. The “truckers in space” conceit gains credibility through the unique computer graphics of that fictional vessel.…