These systems are named Crestus Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta, in order of their distance from Ventix and Alexandria. The only settlements here are military Service Bases orbiting the major planet of each system. There are no underground colonies or installations, other than tracking and communications facilities. Aliens Adventure Game (1991), Leading Edge Games Resources […]

This world is the site of a sizeable terraforming operation, and is also being mined for Iridium and Helium 3. Before the secession of Alexandria, it was being developed normally by CSC; since the secession, CSC has used Goliath as a staging point for its attempts to recapture and blockade the rogue colony. Goliath now […]

This is a fairly recent Colony, and was established by CSC in an attempt to rebuild after Alexandria’s Rebellion. Paragon has recently completed its program of terraforming, and the atmosphere is fully breathable. The climate remains harsh and cold, with high winds and unpredictable weather. The communities of this world have been built underground for […]

This Colony, based on a large moon, is the site of a standard mining operation. It is a domed complex, without a major Service Base, and the mines recover heavy metals and a rare mineral used in power conversion units. The operation is protected by Security from CSC. Aliens Adventure Game (1991), Leading Edge Games […]

This planet has recently been terraformed by CSC as a means of recovering from the secession of Alexandria. While most of the planet’s atmosphere is still toxic, there is a vast natural cavern within Stoner Mountain which now has its own atmosphere and biosphere. This cavern is over 10,000 square miles in size, and it […]

Keystone was a major base camp for exploration in the early days of CSC. In spite of this the planet was not terraformed, as there are many unstable asteroids in the system and it is just a matter of time before one of them hits Keystone; there are signs of many devastating strikes in the […]