CSC Sector: Keystone Colony

Keystone was a major base camp for exploration in the early days of CSC. In spite of this the planet was not terraformed, as there are many unstable asteroids in the system and it is just a matter of time before one of them hits Keystone; there are signs of many devastating strikes in the past ages. As exploration proceeded, the population and importance of Keystone dwindled. It is now mostly abandoned, with a current population of 20,000 down from a peak of 500,000. There were a few mining operations at one point but there was nothing so valuable here that it was worth shipping to other systems.

Antioch, a mid sized corporation with ambition, is studying the possibility of buying the rights to the system and making Keystone safe for habitation. This would involve a major operation to clear the most dangerous debris from the system, and to track the movements of the many asteroids. If successful, however, Antioch would be able to quickly rebuild existing facilities and could transform Keystone into a wealthy Colony.

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