CSC Sector: Paragon

This is a fairly recent Colony, and was established by CSC in an attempt to rebuild after Alexandria’s Rebellion. Paragon has recently completed its program of terraforming, and the atmosphere is fully breathable. The climate remains harsh and cold, with high winds and unpredictable weather. The communities of this world have been built underground for protection from these conditions.
Another major consideration in the construction of Paragon’s cities was security. CSC is not willing to accept another rebellion, and every effort has been made to ensure that management remains firmly in control. The communities are being expanded only slowly, and are kept as self sufficient as possible. The middle and lower classes here live in a tightly controlled environment, with the most sophisticated police state in the ICC watching their every move. CSC is satisfied with the way the system is working on Paragon, and they are transporting much of their high-tech and high security operations here. This will become the new Corporate Headquarters for CSC, and will also be the site of manufacturing for all critical components.

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