Aliens Adventure Game: Borodino Sector


Unlike the other sectors, this chain of worlds have not been developed by any single corporate entity. It was begun by a Corporation called Borodino, which went bankrupt generations ago. Since that time, dozens of Corporations have tried their luck in this area, and many fortunes have been made exploring the Borodino Sector. Many more have been lost, however, because while it is the only unclaimed frontier in the ICC where mid-sized Corporations can try to expand, it is also a treacherous and difficult place.
The two strangest worlds in the ICC lie in the Borodino Sector; Pandora, with its illegal technologies and bizarre lifeforms, and LV-426, also called Acheron, where humanity first encountered the Aliens.

Aliens Adventure Game (1991), Leading Edge Games.


Terraforming or Mining


  1. Nomenclature, Battle of Borodino


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