CSC Sector: Alexandria


This is the only holdout from the Colonial rebellions. It is isolated from the rest of ICC space by the military colony it controls on Ventix, and by the five Crestus Garrison Worlds. To date, the ICC has not committed enough forces to conquer Alexandria and its Garrison Worlds. The area is quarantined by Colonial Marine forces on and around the Goliath system, and a policy of sanctions and blockade is being used to bring Alexandria back under ICC control.

Smuggling to and from Alexandria is a thriving industry on the Garrison Worlds of Crestus Prime and Goliath. Stopping the flows of goods, people, and military equipment occupies a sizeable contingent of Colonial Marine and Corporate forces.

Alexandria itself is a highly developed world which is nearly self-sufficient. Originally owned by CSC, it now has a population of 30 million people, which is rapidly growing, and its industries are on par with the industrialised nations of the 20th century. There are also a number of high-tech facilities producing items for the fledgling space industry on the planet. The space industry is owned by the planet’s central government, a democratic republic, and is nearing self-sufficiency. Only certain critical components for Displacement and Jump Drives must be smuggled in from the ICC.

Environmentally, Alexandria is nearly an ideal world. It has been terraformed, and the atmosphere is breathable and even pleasant. The climate is generally hot and dry, and there are a few large bodies of water, so the major settlements are closer to the poles than to the equator. Water for drinking and agriculture are scattered across the northern temperate region.

Industries are built at the edges of the outside of the residential areas, and are hardened against possible warfare. Civil defence has been a major concern in the cities as well, and bomb shelters and long-term food stores are common. There is a mandatory four-year military/public service for all citizens from ages 18-22. Most fulfil this requirement by working in technical and trade institutions, on community support programs, and in the large terraforming and community expansion projects. A select few serve in the military itself, and there is great pride in being chosen to protect Alexandria’s independence. Most of the people in the military have made it their career, and there is a high level of respect for them.

Aliens Adventure Game (1991), Leading Edge Games


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