CSC Sector: Ventix

Ventix is a Colony near Alexandria and is controlled by the people of that world. It is a dense prosperous community, built underground in vast, airtight chambers. Terra-forming of Ventix was put on hold by the eruption of the rebellion on Alexandria, and the years of conflict have transformed the city into a military hard-site.

Considerable heavy equipment was here to support terraforming, most of it having been moved from Alexandria when major work on that world was completed. This equipment was used to expand the base-camp into a full Colony designed specifically for the use by the Alexandria military forces. It now protects the only route to Alexandria, and is the final line of Alexandria’s defences.

There are five major Military Bases on Ventix. Each of them has a full space repair facility, and recieves parts and other support from Alexandria. They are connected by a network of tunnels, with high-speed monorails carrying people and cargo. Each Base has a population of about 50,000 people, and they are all self-sufficient.

The atmosphere of Ventix is too thin to breathe without a Life Support system operating indefinitely; Life Support systems have pumps which can be used to compress the atmosphere in an enclosed space, and make it breathable. The climate is cold and dry with no vegetation.

Only personnel with military clearance have access to Ventix.

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