Borodino Sector: Chitin

The surface of this planet is covered with heavy flows of basalt, so it appears to have an armored shell. Beneath this shell, which earned the planet its name, there are a number of soft areas which were excavated to form human communities. There are three of these subterranean vaults, with a total population of 600,000, and they are largely self-sufficient.

Chitin has the only significant light manufacturing capability on the long run from Aerodyne to Pandora, and the economy here is expanding rapidly. The Service Base in orbit around the planet is large, efficient, and well-stocked with spare parts, and support industries beneath the world’s surface are beginning to produce Spacecraft components as well.

This world is dominated by Aerodyne, which is moving much of its older light industry here as it upgrades its home world. Personnel who are unhappy with conditions on Aerodyne are commonly transferred here, where they find a more relaxed atmosphere, greater freedom, and a relative absence of bureaucracy.

Aliens Adventure Game (1991), Leading Edge Games.

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