Borodino Sector: Pandora


This Colony is at the edge of ICC space, and as such operates with little regards for law or accepted behavior. The world has an unpleasant but breathable atmosphere, and gravity near Earth’s. Most of the surface is covered with water, and the small land areas are overcrowded with a population of 4 million. Work is in progress to artificially increase the land area by building out into the oceans.

The biosphere of Pandora is a diverse one, and there are still countless life forms that have never been studied. If this planet were closer to the rest of civilization, it would be covered with research teams from all of the major Corporations. As it is, only unusual people come this far out; the ones who are obsessed with their work, others who are avoiding legal and personal problems, and people who are very adventurous, curious, or unstable.

The location and the people combine to create a dangerous and exotic world. Several Corporations are conducting exploration into the star beyond Pandora, but where they are going and what they have found remain mysterious. Experiments which would be halted on a more civilized world are conducted in shadowy laboratories here, including forbidden studies of genetics, biomechanics, and cybernetics. There are rumors of startling breakthroughs in all of these fields.

Strange drugs are also synthesized from the native lifeforms by researchers, some of whom are true geniuses and others who are simply renegades or madmen. The most popular and useful drugs are exported or smuggled back to the rest of the ICC, but the local inhabitants have access to countless other substances. All manners of claims are made about these drugs; some are powerful stimulants or depressants, others have reputed medical value, still others might be pain killers or hallucinogens. Many of the drugs are addictive; most are dangerous; all are unregulated, and therefore unpredictable. The alleys of Pandora are filled with people who have had their health or their minds broken by these experimental drugs.

Aliens Adventure Game (1991), Leading Edge Games.

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