CSC Sector: Volcus

One of a group of Colonies developed by CSC after the secession of Alexandria. The Colony is in a domed community on the major moon in orbit around the planet of Volcus itself, and neither the moon nor the planet is terraformed. Volcus is a world ruled by volcanic forces, with vast magma flows covering much of its surface. It is the tremendous geothermal energy available on the planet which has led to the development of the system. CSC has developed (and is still improving) a system which uses the almost unlimited thermal energy of Volcus for power.
Automated power stations float on the magma and draw energy from the heat surrounding them. This energy is then broadcast to a spacestation in orbit around the planet, and from there to the Colony on the moon. There are currently 200,000 people on the moon, but the Colony can expand rapidly because of the availability of power. A self-contained ecosystem has been created, with air, water and heat being recycled. CSC hopes to turn this moon into a thriving Colony, as an example of how a hostile system can be overcome.

Aliens Adventure Game (1991), Leading Edge Games
  • Domed Community
  • Not Terraformed
  • Has one moon with 200,000 population.
  • Space station in orbit
  • Volcanic Energy
  • Est. 12 Parsecs from Earth


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