Flora: Seed Pods

Seed pods

1. Seed Pods

2. Fig.C. Sub-class Skerrittus, thom

bulb and sapling

3. Skerrittus Dallas

Fig.A Pod exterior and opening

The Goliath pod is a species in the genus Goliathus

Fig.D The Shiraz Limoo

4. The Goliath Pod

The Skerrittus Dallas makes up a large portion of the planets ecology

The Goliath pod is a species in the genus Goliathus and the largest seed pod for the planet.

Fig. D. Oscarina

Fig.X The Shiraz Limoo

5. Skerrittus Dallas

Fig.A. Pod exterior opening and Pod interior content


Fig. A. Pod exterior and opening

Fig. B. Pod interior and contnet

I have identified this as the Sweet Persian Lemon through the text Shiraz Limoo

Citrus × latifolia, also known as seedless lime, Bearss lime, Persian lime, and Tahiti lime, is a hybrid citrus fruit species. It doesn’t appear in nature and is only available through cultivation and is the most widely cultivated lime species for commercial use.

The Persian lime is most likely from a cross between key lime (Citrus aurantifolia) and lemon (Citrus × limon).

Limes originate from the Middle East, and were first grown on a large scale in Persia (now Iran) and southern Iraq.

There is also a misspelling of content in image 6. Fig D has also a word Oscarina which I have looked up the name meaning

The name Oscarina means you make a capable leader and organizer, often finding it difficult to be in positions of subservience or in instances where you are forced to take advice from others.(Sounds like David)

Your desire to be the best, successful and financially prosperous makes you willing to give practical help where it is deserved; but your ambition and practicality shapes your view. Often looking at things for their financial viability. (Sounds like Peter Weyland or Weyland-Yutani)

Fairness is important to you and you could be drawn to the justice system but personal relationships may suffer because you sometimes overlook the little things, such as thoughtful and appreciative gestures.(Sounds like David and Peter Weyland)

This name makes you too forceful at times, limiting the natural feminine qualities of tenderness and tact. Health wise you could suffer female disturbances or other problems in the generative organs.(This sounds like Elizabeth Shaw)

Interesting, isn’t it? This could relate to both Sir Peter Weyland and David.

And the obvious reference to Tom Skerritt who played Dallas in Alien 1979.

And of course the mention of Goliath the story for which David statue is named from, information from Frontain, Raymond-Jean; Jan Wojcik, eds. (1980). The David Myth in Western Literature. Purdue University Press. p. 57

Goliath is the Biblical warrior who was defeated by the young David in the Book of Samuel. His status is representative of paganism, in contrast to David, the champion of the God of Israel. Christian tradition sees David’s battle with Goliath as the victory of God’s king over the enemies of God’s helpless people.

Symbolically of Jesus’ victory over sin on the cross and the Church’s victory over Satan.

The common phrase “David and Goliath” (or “David vs Goliath”) has taken on a  meaning of an underdog situation, a contest where a smaller or weaker opponent faces a much bigger or stronger adversary.


  • Shiraz Limoo, also known as Persian Lime.