Flora: Various Leaves

Various Leaves

Hymenogastraceae[¹] Subterranean Alter growth
Fig.B Ectomycorrhizas[2]
Fig.A Amanita phalloides
Fig.C Suillus
Fig.D Leecinum

Emmagracienio Sub-species Ultra-genus
Fig. E Basidiomycota
Fig.F Ascomycota
Fig.G Zygomycota
Fig.H Mycorrihizas
Fig. J Saprotrophic

Hymenogastraceae Subterranean Alter growth
Fig.H Amanita phalloides
Fig.C Suillus

During infancy the organism will not survive the presence of Eunicium, it is sensitive to heat and exhibits minor mobility
Fig. B Ectomycorrhizas

Emmagracienio Subspecies Ultra-genus
Fig. G Zygomycota
Fig. J Saprotrophic
Fig. H Mycorrihizas
Fig.E Basidiomycota
Fig. B Ectomycorrhizas
Fig. C Suillus
Fig. A Amanita phalloides
Fig. E Basidiomycota
Fig. F Ascomycota
Fig. G Zygomycota
Fig. H Mycorrihizas

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