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Aliens Adventure Game: New Eden Sector

This sector was the first to yield an Earthlike world, the planet of New Eden itself.Exploration was handled by a coalition which renamed itself New Eden/JV after the world which made it rich. This Sector is comparatively stable, compared to the strife of CSC Sector and the danger and uncertainty of the Borodino Sector. The … Continue reading Aliens Adventure Game: New Eden Sector

CSC Sector: Saint John

The first terraforming project of the CSC was established here. The site is largely empty, and most of the valuable components have been moved to Starview. The toxic atmosphere and sulphur bogs have defied terraforming, and after decades of work the project was abandoned in favour of the more pleasant Starview. There is still one Atmosphere Processor in operation here, … Continue reading CSC Sector: Saint John

CSC Sector: Riesling

This is the site of exploratory mining and drilling operations. The world's composition indicates that it has potential as a source of several rare elements, and science crews are still evaluating it. At present, only remote exploration sites are set up, with teams from CSC and a number of freelance groups licensed to conduct the … Continue reading CSC Sector: Riesling