CSC Sector: Saint John

The first terraforming project of the CSC was established here. The site is largely empty, and most of the valuable components have been moved to Starview. The toxic atmosphere and sulphur bogs have defied terraforming, and after decades of work the project was abandoned in favour of the more pleasant Starview.
There is still one Atmosphere Processor in operation here, which is being shut down for salvage, and there are also numerous research stations scattered around the world, occupied by scientists and technicians. The purposes of these sites are varied, but most have to do with the origins of life and how it adapts. Biosynthesis and bio-engineering specialists from many different Corporations have come to this world to experiment, and have leased the stations. The exact natures of the sites are classified, but it is rumoured that a large portion of the funding for CSC’s work on Summit, Stoner 1, and Paragon came from leasing the stations on Saint John.

Aliens Adventure Game (1991), Leading Edge Games.


  1. Aliens Adventure Game (1991), Leading Edge Games.
  2. Dallol Volcano Photo By Yi Sun

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