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Humanity has reached hundreds of worlds, and has established dozens of Colonies and Outposts. These worlds are scattered across dozens of light-years and cover a wide range of environments, and the Human and non-Human inhabitants are just as diverse. Some of the most notable worlds are discussed below. The GM should feel free to add to, amend, or alter the following as desired, and to create new worlds that suit his or her game.
The Star Map shows the locations of the major systems inhabited by Humanity, and indicates the Jump Distances among them.

Home to nearly 10 billion people, Earth is a world in chaos. The Nations have waned in power, but most of their citizens do not really understand the change. The Corporations are the new rulers, but they are concerned with themselves and their Colonies; the administration of Earth’s billions means little to them. In the gap between the power of the Nations and the will of the Corporations, society is falling apart. Large areas of Earth have become lawless, as some Nations have lost the ability to control their own citizens. Ethnic, religious, and social minorities have seceded from many of the weaker Nations, and have established their own small states.
Wealth and social status on Earth range from the most desperate poverty and oppression in history to unprecedented levels of riches and power. Those who rule the Corporations have every possible trapping of wealth, including mansions, resorts, travel, obedient servants, private armies and more. They even have vast numbers of people to feel superior to; the masses of Earth. Beyond the Corporate preserves and the houses of the rich, there are many millions of people who live uneasy middle-class lives in a world with few certainties. And next to their simple communities, surrounding the places where they work, are the dispossessed; billions of people who work menial jobs or survive on government subsidies, or who prey on others.
The range of social environments on Earth makes it an ideal place for role-playing adventures. Players move quickly from contacts with rich Corporate personnel into the harsh streets, where poverty, squalor, roving gangs, and sudden violence are common.
The possible duties for the Colonial Marines(or jobs for Mercenaries and other Character groups) are endless. There are areas of civil chaos, where it might be vital to restore order or evacuate special personnel or equipment, while other areas operate under complete fascism and the Characters would face entirely different challenges. Many ethnic groups and fringe religions have established their own small nations, sometimes with Corporate backing, and the safety of people and facilities in those areas could easily be imperilled. There are even areas where there is no law; where local wars have erased all government and the Nation or Nations who own the land have given up on the attempt to administrate.

Major Worlds
The major worlds hold the future of Humanity. These are planets that are very much like Earth, with breathable atmospheres, decent climate, and great potential for life. There are five Major Worlds at present(Alexandria, Hilo, Micor, New Eden, and Tartarus), and all are being rapidly developed by Corporations which own them. Populations range from 2 million to 50 million, but all five worlds have high-tech manufacturing, heavy industry, and are nearly self-sufficient.

Colonies are established on world which are fairly livable, or which have been adapted to human use. A Colony has two important attributes; a Spacecraft Service Base and manufacturing capability. The exact level of technology available varies with each Colony, but all have at least some ability to manufacture their own goods. Populations range from 30,000 on Starview to 25 million on Aerodyne, and the worlds are self-sufficient in the most vital commodities; food, water and atmosphere. The most advanced Colonies like Aerodyne, even have high-tech manufacturing and heavy industry.

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