NEWS: Scott Sigler announces new Alien Novel

I don’t know who broke the silence but I am glad this has been announced! Looking forward to seeing this story.

This was a secret, but the facehugger’s out of the bag, so here’s the news. — NEW NOVEL — No pre-order link yet. I’ll holler when it’s up. I’m a *huge* fan of this franchise. Honored to be a part of it. — Game on, man … game on. — #Xenomorph #Alien #Aliens @TitanPublishing

Thanks! It’s a helluva thing, ALIENS has been the single biggest influence on my writing career.

I canโ€™t reveal the timeline yet. I would say, though, that it has a more traditional feel of ALIEN and ALIENS.

It’s a standalone. It’s meant to be a specific, discreet story. That is all I can say for now.