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For private, commercial and government agencies, Wayland is the number one security and defense company. Weyland products provide the Navy with powerful weapons, ships with a state-of-the-art emergency response system, and peace of mind for the general public.

Weyland has a market advantage in the design and manufacture of small weapons, armor, and strategic support devices. Standard product Wayland Storm rifles have been used in more than 7,000 colony peacekeeping missions since deployment began in 2024. The 800m / sec storm is ideal for extraterrestrial colonial security. Defense weapons design experts have more than 3,000 patents for rifle technology alone.

Wayland has been leading the industry for 50 years to build a more peaceful galaxy. The top priority given to the safety and security of our customers and our employees is why we are called the top companies.


Designed specifically for ultra-fast spacecraft in applicable sizes, this emergency life support pod is a seven-room luxury stationary stationary safety module with independent navigation and control functions. You The air reusability decontamination system provides 50 years of breathable air per capita, whether under hypersleep or normal conditions.


It is used for exploration and preliminary research, and has excellent tactical maneuverability in the field. The nano-reinforced composite helmet has a wide field of view that can be rotated 320 ° and is equipped with an information display that displays life status, environmental status, communication system and data analysis. Cadmium powered suits provide safety and stability even on rough terrain. There is also the option of a laser resistant lightweight suit with an iridium coating.


Since its introduction, Power Loader has improved the safety of extraterrestrial colony work sites by 300%. The low alloy steel powered suit can withstand strong pressure and protects the pilot from the external blast. The highly stable hydraulic leg has a lifting capacity of 3 tons of loaded cargo.


The heat-resistant, micro-perforated titanium Storm weighs 1.3 kg (unfilled with ammunition). Storms equipped with unique technologies such as satellite target detection can detect and track enemies about 500 km away. At short distances, the aiming automatic adjustment function fires a 5.56 mm uranium carbide bullet with high rotational stability.