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From 14 staff members in the Colony candidate site permission office to metal workers who develop new terraforming technology, our dedicated staff and planet engineers have made Weyland a leading company that everyone in the terraforming industry can recognise . Terra-forming is Weyland’s second largest sector, and continues to achieve excellent profitability as a stable, well-performing sector.

Weyland’s teraforming process has achieved unique success. We will explore all the new planets found in the life habitable areas of distant stars. After that, thousands of Wayland engineers and scientists will be dispatched to the newly discovered solar system. After the temporary base is set up, it takes several months for the planet engineer to closely examine the earthquake resistance, core layer density, and the soundness of the planet’s ionosphere, and observe the climate pattern and pressure fluctuation.

If the situation is favorable in most respects, Weyland employees will declare as a new territory under our name and finally begin building an atmospheric processor and embody terraforming. It takes 5 to 20 years depending on the condition as a total process.

Over the years, several competitors have tried to install different versions of air treatment units, but without good results, the Weyland has continued to expand colonies throughout the galaxy. Weyland is a company with a history of successful colonisation backed by the most credible results and results in building a better world, from Luna to Reticuli.


This unique system creates a localised environment in a very thin air layer by harvesting and charging the surrounding air and changing the chemical composition of the planet’s atmosphere. The system converts toxic compounds into air with a breathable ratio of approximately 1: 3 oxygen and nitrogen, depending on the oxygen demand of the colony. After reaching a steady state of equilibrium, the atmosphere processor continues to monitor the gas composition of the environment and correct any imbalances. By-products are often separated and concentrated and used as fuel, industrial cleaning supplies, and raw materials for manufacturing.


The IM 80 (ignited / metamorphic) rock processor was created to improve the quality of life in extraterrestrial colonies with harmful igneous rock surfaces. With powerful machine disturbances and patented enzymes, IM 80 transforms desolate lands into fertile soils that can be used for agriculture and bio-replication. It can be manoeuvred by four crew members, as well as Weyland planetary engineers, as well as trained private subcontractors. The prototype is currently being commissioned at KOI-854.01, outside of Luther City’s heavy metal mine colony, for commercialisation.


This great device was developed in 2058, for use by Weyland’s Planetary Engineer. However, recent innovations have made bio-replication pods available to civilians in extraterrestrial colonies at home. Each pod contains a database of over 40 million species and plant DNA. Press the button to duplicate the desired sample. The growth rate is currently around 55%. However, the planet state which is not suitable for the applicable species is excluded from the factors. The size is 1 cubic foot (about 28 litres), and any number of bio-replication pods can be attached to any sprouter for industrial use. At home, we recommend storing bio-replication pods outdoors.


Atmospheric pressurisers, sold with the Weyland Atmospheric Processor, create a locally adapted, pressure-regulated, very small scale environment, with extraterrestrial colonial colonies with a small or abundant stratosphere. Prevent injuries, illnesses and discomforts. On most planets, the standard atmospheric pressure can reach about 1 atm above sea level, reducing the need for decompression treatment and additional medical personnel in the early stages of terraforming.

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