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Weyland’s energy sector products provide energy to billions of homes, schools and businesses in the Earth and 63 colonies. We will build better power plants and produce higher quality engines and batteries. We have transformed the energy industry for over 50 years.

In 2014, Weyland developed Solstice. This is the world’s first renewable energy source that has achieved an uninterrupted supply of solar energy. In 2029, Weyland announced a highly efficient fusion reaction. Weyland scientists named it “raw lambda fusion (RLF)” because it has the characteristic of generating unique raw energy while being similar to conventional cold fusion. The RLF’s invention has changed the entire energy production and storage landscape and has pushed Weyland Industries to the top energy companies. By 2031, the Weyland RL Fusion Reactor has become the best-selling commercial power generation system, doubling the revenue and energy sector holdings of the year.

The advent of RL fusion has affected across multiple business sectors. It accelerated ultra-light travel, powered the next-generation atmospheric processor, and was a driving force for Weyland’s energy sector to increase employment by 27 percent overall. Recently, Weyland completed the technology for large-scale supply and created the next-generation pulsed-power RL fusion reactor for world-building applications requiring a huge amount of power supply. This groundbreaking technology, using a series of 50 m diameter ceramic nanocomposite turbines built with silicon compounds mined with an outer bale, marks the new history of Weyland.


Solstice was once the first breakthrough product of Weyland’s founding company. Today, it has grown into a best-selling product that covers more than half the energy needs of colonies across the galaxy. The fully articulated on-orbit solar array delivers renewable power continuously without interruption. Our solar sensors consist of thin film polymers and panels using polycrystalline silicon. Solstice is the first and only orbiting solar array currently used by the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, the Russian government and the colonies of the various countries, and it responds primarily to military power demand with its own flexible power supply law.


State-of-the-art models of Weyland’s lithium-ion batteries (LIBs), which consist of lithium and rare metal cathodes and nanolayer silicon anodes, have very low internal resistance and zero memory loss. Zero Loss LIB is used in a variety of applications, from hyper-sleep chamber backup systems in long-distance space missions to holotabs used in Mumbai classrooms. The Zero Loss Battery System is a very small portable battery that can be mounted on a single layer graphene substrate.


The first-generation RL fusion reactor supplies inexpensive power to 23 million homes or 15 million companies and requires almost no maintenance. The Weyland RL Fusion Reactor, which is sized for powering civilian power grids, can stably output terawatt-level power without pulsing, resulting in a more loss-efficient power supply. In systems where the Weyland RL fusion reactor supplies power, the rate of blackouts is less than 0.01%.


At the prototype stage, this 18-storey turbine, comprised of a rare iridium silicon substrate coated with a nanocomposite enhancer, is designed to generate the opposite power to leverage of the third carver in the test environment I showed you. This is a huge amount of energy that has not been experienced in the past. Weyland’s aviation engineers are researching ways to improve SEV spacecraft performance and in-flight design to eliminate the need for hypersleep in future FTL spaceflights.

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