Artist Guild Commission: Showdown by Elena Samoryadova

I commissioned Елена Саморядова to illustrate another piece for Studio Yutani, with the request of depicting the Xenomorph and Neomorph fight. This was the amazing design they came up with.

Brand new art available for purchase from our Tee Public Store, returning guild artist @samoriadovaelena has depicted the primal fight for survival in Alien: Covenant. Support us by heading to the link to purchase now 🛍️

Like two resurrected carnivores from the Mesozoic, they grappled in combat. Razor teeth slashed and bit as lethal tails arced over and around, stabbing and thrusting, each searching for a mortal spot on its opponent.

Alien Covenant Novel by Alan Dean Foster

I absolutely love this piece, please follow @samoriadovaelena for more cool art!