Micor Sector

This route runs from Earth to the rich world of Micor, and it is below and to the left of Earth on the Star Map. This sector has had a relatively peaceful past. Its Colonies were not self sufficient enough to rebel during the Colonial Wars and the Corporations owing the rich world of Micor … Continue reading Micor Sector

New Eden Sector: Panamar

This is another terraforming project for New Eden/JV. A small research and mining station is studying and harvesting a type of thermogenic plankton; this simple lifeform uses thermal energy instead of sunlight to create hydrocarbons. It is already used in Life Support Systems, and will probably have many other functions as well. Aliens Adventure Game (1991), Leading … Continue reading New Eden Sector: Panamar

New Eden Sector: Cyrus

Cyrus will eventually be a comfortable world for humans, and it will have a large and productive Colony. At present, the atmosphere is toxic and contains insufficient oxygen, and the world's greatest value is that it is one step on the recently completed New Eden - Hilo Route. Cyrus is being terraformed by New Eden/JV, … Continue reading New Eden Sector: Cyrus

New Eden Sector: New Eden

This was the first ideal world discovered by Humanity, and it made the coalition of Corporations which found it extremely rich. This coalition solidified into a mega-Corporation in the years which followed, and now calls itself New Eden/JV. New Eden/JV has a strange Corporate structure that is like a smaller version of the ICC, with … Continue reading New Eden Sector: New Eden

New Eden Sector: Atol

Atol is a water world with a heavy atmosphere and continuous rain. The water is acidic and contains no life, and the planet has no stable land mass above sea level. There is a large moon, however, which combines with the system's sun to create huge tides that sweep the planet. It is impossible to … Continue reading New Eden Sector: Atol

New Eden Sector: Exetor

This small outpost has two enclosed communities of about 20,000 people each. It is primarily a service port for shipping to and from New Eden. Mos of its business has been taken from it by the facilities on Honeycomb, and Exeter is rapidly declining in wealth and importance. Within a few years, only a few … Continue reading New Eden Sector: Exetor

New Eden Sector: Helix

Helix has a Service Base and is the focus of a fleet of small exploration craft which are investigating the vast asteroid belt of the Helix system. These craft are owned by several different Corporations and independents, have crews of 3 to 8 people, and go on extended missions of up to 2 years deep … Continue reading New Eden Sector: Helix

New Eden Sector: Honeycomb

The atmosphere of this world is toxic and bitterly cold, so this colony of 250,000 was built underground. Vast caverns lie just under the surface, and several large communities have been set up in them. They are fairly close together, and are linked by an efficient monorail system.Honeycomb is rapidly growing, as a result of … Continue reading New Eden Sector: Honeycomb