Hyperdyne Sector: Hilo


This was the second ideal world found, and it is under the control of Hyperdyne. Hilo had an ideal climate and ample water when found, but lacked indigenous life. This made it very easy to tailor the world, introducing the proper mix of lifeforms from Earth and other worlds to create the perfect environment. Hilo is a thriving world, with a full space industry, complete self-sufficiency, and a population of 6 million. There is a great deal of wealth here, and it is protected by the most powerful single Corporate miltary force in the ICC.

There was a rebellion here at the beginning of the Colonial Wars, but it was quickly crushed by Hyperdyne’s military. The population was quietly purged in the years after the rebellion, and new personnel were brought in. Radical elements which were not found guilty of capital crimes were sent to Shinon, where they are monitored by Hyperdyne forces in what is essentially a penal colony.

On Hilo, there is no trace of dissent. The people are brought up to believe that the ends justify the means, and the rewards for those who succeed at Hyperdyne are immense; wealth, power, and even access to illegal technologies.

Hyperdyne is the leading producer of Synthetics and the design studios and most of the factories for this industry are on Hilo. Much of Hyperdyne’s wealth comes from its development of biotechnology and Synthetics; other industries have been established primarily to guarantee Hyperdyne’s independence.

The economic and political power of Hyperdyne is immense, and its influence in the Colonial Marine Corps is growing rapidly.

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