Hyperdyne Sector: Shinon


This colony is the dumping site for people removed from Hilo during the Colonial rebellions. These are people who were considered to be security risks, but who could not be convicted of serious crimes. All sorts have been sent here; petty criminals, relatives of rebels, free-thinkers and rabble rousers, intellectuals, and those who were simply not patriotic enough. The population is 480,000.

Shinon is almost self-sufficient, with critical supplies being provided by Hyperdyne in exchange for good production from the light industry of the Colony. The citizens are theoretically free, although there is no way for them to leave the system and they are under tight supervision by Hyperdyne law enforcement personnel. Regardless of Hyperdyne’s claims, Shinon is essentially a modern penal colony.

Aliens Adventure Game (1991), Leading Edge Games.
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