New Eden Sector: Grendel


Grendel is a large colony of over 200,000 people, who live in hundreds of small domed cities. There is substantial light industry, and the world has a major stopping point for travel among Micor, New Eden, Weyland-Yutani, and Hilo. Much of the traffic was lost to the New Chicago – Lobo route, but Grendel still survives.

The world was the first to allow Corporations to circumvent Earth’s control of shipping routes, and in retaliation the powers of Earth held back support, minimized Colonial Marine presence, and even helped destabilized the government and the economy of the world. Over the years, the destabilization and the absence of Colonial Marine patrols led to the development of a powerful organized crime network. This network wields full power on Grendel, and operates outside the ICC’s controls and without the consent of the population of Grendel. The center of the trade in illegal drugs and other contraband is found on this world, and bribery, extortion, and payoffs are major parts of getting business done here. The criminal network is currently building up a large drug trade from Pandora to Micor.

Micor and the other major Corporations created the New Chicago – Lobo bypass to free themselves from the bribery and corruption of Grendel, and are currently trying to decide how to destroy the organized trade elements. It will probably fall to the Colonial Marines to clean up the place.

Aliens Adventure Game (1991), Leading Edge Games.