New Eden Sector: Honeycomb

The atmosphere of this world is toxic and bitterly cold, so this colony of 250,000 was built underground. Vast caverns lie just under the surface, and several large communities have been set up in them. They are fairly close together, and are linked by an efficient monorail system.

Honeycomb is rapidly growing, as a result of the traffic link between New Chicago and Lobo. It has become a major Service Base and shipping warehouse, and now features both light and heavy industry. Secure areas of the caverns are leased out to Corporations interested in long-term storage and production, making the planet something like a high-tech space bank. The Colonial Marine Corps does not have the rights to investigate these individual Corporate areas, and since they are all sealed off, it is difficult to gather information about what is going on inside. This much is clear; the rulers of Honeycomb care little for what goes on in each area, and thishas lead to the growth of some illicit industries. More than one illegal shipment has been traced to Honeycomb, but the trail ends in what has becomd known as the Labyrinth.

The caverns of Honeycomb riddle the entire world, and are much larger than the Colony and all the storage areas. Very little of the Labyrinth has been explored.

Aliens Adventure Game (1991), Leading Edge Games.