New Eden Sector: New Eden


This was the first ideal world discovered by Humanity, and it made the coalition of Corporations which found it extremely rich. This coalition solidified into a mega-Corporation in the years which followed, and now calls itself New Eden/JV. New Eden/JV has a strange Corporate structure that is like a smaller version of the ICC, with the New Eden/JV entity itself functioning as a sort of umbrella and the various components retaining their own identity and goals. Control of New Eden/JV is determined along democratic lines, which each member Corporation receiving votes based on its wealth and rate of growth.

When New Eden was discovered, it had an almost ideal climate and environment. Only rudimentary lifeforms existed on the world, but it proved to be an easy terraforming job. The world is now completely terraformed, and has a population of 200 million.

The world was colonized very rapidly, and was a spur to the growth of all the involved Corporations and the rest of Humanity as well. The most talented people in the member Corporations were transferred to New Eden, where they were able to work in an unusual environment that rival Corporations consider a drawback; personnel on New Eden can easily change their employment from one member of New Eden/JV to another. This guarantees that everyone is well treated and that real talent is rewarded. Elsewhere in the ICC, it is very difficult to change Corporations, and this has resulted in stagnation as internal politics became more important than good work.

The good treatment afforded the employees of New Eden/JV has prevented the member Corporations from truly maximizing their short-treatment profits, but because of their unique business environment and since the wealth produced by New Eden has been so great, they have been somewhat magnanimous. Other Corporations generally elect to increase their profits by giving the employees as little as possible, and point to New Eden/JV as an example of inefficiency and bad management.

Regardless, New Eden is a prosperous and self-sufficient world, its population has a great deal of freedom, and the member Corporations are all growing quickly and smoothly.

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