Micor Sector: Lobo

A large Colony which has expanded recently due to the increasing trade to and from Honeycomb. Terraforming was completed here only 8 years ago, and the population has grown rapidly to its current level of 70,000. Many of the new residents are involved with the advanced planning and transfer of the owning Corporations’ assets from other worlds to this budding trade center. The Corporations that own Lobo are organized into a loose consortium called Tradex, which is based on Micor and is superficially similar to New Eden/JV. Unfortunately, Tradex exerts little real control here.

The local police and military forces of Tradex are currently under the control of Colonel Castel, and he possesses much more power than is usually given to a Colonial military commander. He is an ambitious man who has built up the power of his forces, and has transferred their loyalty away from Tradex and to himself. This force, which is beginning to resemble a personal army, has been implicated in high levels of bribery, corruption, and extortion. Castel has certainly encouraged these crimes, and is believed to be associated with criminal elements and Corporate forces which threaten the interests of Tradex.

Tradex is investigating the situation, and charges of embezzlement and treason will probably be filed in the near future. Due to Castel’s influence, however, and his links with powerful Corporations, the ICC has declined to assist the Tradex investigation, and may not support any legal action they take. In the meantime, the Corporations licensed to operate on Lobo can do almost anything, as long as Castel gets a cut, and crime and smuggling have become the Colony’s two major industries.

Aliens Adventure Game (1991), Leading Edge Games.