Micor Sector: Summit

Summit is a Colony in the last stages of terraforming and is prepared for major expansion. The air is now breathable and the climate mild, so many Corporations are planning to move to this nearly ideal environment. This is the boom world for the next generation, and along with this economic and population boom will come the problems associated with rapid growth.

The world was developed by the hard work of the original colonists. This was a group of 2,000 people who were members of wealthy families, and who decided to expand their fortunes in the finest traditions of industry; through intelligent planning, sensible risk-taking, and honest labor. They formed their own Corporation and set about developing the world of Summit, which had great potential but had been ignored by its former owners. After decades of terraforming and preparation, the colonists and their now-grown children are poised to reap the benefits of their labor.

The only obstacle to the happy fulfillment of this dream is the potential for deceit, treachery, and financial manipulation by the Corporations who are flocking to Summit. How the colonists will face this final crisis, and whether their great accomplishment will be passed on to another generation, has yet to be decided.

Aliens Adventure Game (1991), Leading Edge Games.

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