Tartarus Sector: Devil’s Peak


Most of this world is covered by ocean, with only a single landmass rising above its surface. This area is at a very high elevation (15,000 feet above sea level), and contains the Colony. Since the atmosphere is moderately toxic, the Colony exists in four domes, and Atmosphere Processors are slowly adjusting the air.

Until recently, Devil’s Peak was a small but prosperous place, with a population of about 10,000 people. Events on the planet Tartarus have changed all this, as refugees from that dangerous world have fled to Devil’s Peak by the thousands. At the moment, the population has reached 40,000, and Biozone Alpha (BZA), which owns Tartarus, has nearly exhausted its resources. There is not enough transportation to take the refugees on to other systems, and to continue evacuating people from Tartarus.; to date, BZA has continued evacuating Tartarus, but the situation on Devil’s Peak is now unstable.

The refugees have overcrowded the small Colony, and have stretches its food, water, air, and living space to the limit. Refugees are being housed in every available area, and production in the Colony has almost stopped. BZA is trying to pay for the services for the refugees, but it is simply nt possible to provide for their needs. Malnutrition and disease are becoming problems, and crime and violence are at very high levels. As the situations deteriorates, BZA is appealing to the ICC for assistance, and relief supplies and transportation might be sent in the near future. Even if there is no aid, Colonial Marines will certainly be sent in to handle the civil unrest which is building.

Aliens Adventure Game (1991), Leading Edge Games.

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