Tartarus Sector: Scorcher


A small manufacturing facility on a hot, barren world with no atmosphere. This world is very close to its sun, and the intense heat makes it uniquely uninhabitable. The Colony survives by being buried under the surface, and is protected by domes with multiple barriers that are highly reflective. This keeps the heat to a bearable level. The very harness of the environment is what lends the world its value; the hard vacuum, the high temperature, and the extremely pure base minerals found readily available here make it easy to produce critical parts for the drive and power systems used in Spacecraft.

This fragile Colony of 5,000 is just a moment away from a disaster, because of the brutal conditions. Even if all systems are properly maintained and the residents are very careful, an unusually large solar flare could still be devastating; this possibility hangs over the Colony like the threat of an earthquake, or some other natural disaster.

Spacecraft coming into the system stay outside Scorcher’s orbit, and transportation to and from the planet is handled by special shuttles which can handle the extreme heat. Because of the special expense of this fleet, few non-essential items are found at this facility. Prices for all items are four times normal, while luxury items and non-essentials cost 20 times the regular price.

Aliens Adventure Game (1991), Leading Edge Games.

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