“Shhh. Don’t let the bed bugs bite. I’ll tuck in the children.”— David 8

This is the first preview for the Alien Covenant expansion for the Legendary Encounters: An Alien Deck Building Game.

The Covenant expansion brings six new characters, a new Hive, more Avatars, Strikes, Drones, and Agendas.

It also includes new cards for Queen Mother mode which comprises a new threat: David 8.

Legendary Encounters: Alien Covenant, Upper Deck Blog
Here’s the brand new location, Planet 4 and of course it has a hard mode! It just wouldn’t be a proper Legendary Alien Encounters experience without it!
Planet number four is square in the habitable zone. Prime candidate in fact. Zero point nine six G’s at the surface. Oceans. Landmass. High likelihood of living biosphere. It’s beyond your most optimistic projections for Origae-6.” — Ricks
The tough and resourceful Daniels just wants to “build a cabin on a lake” but is forced into a battle for survival against not only hostile life forms but also an unknown enemy far more deadly, far more sinister.
“You hear that?” — Daniels
­ “What?” — Oram
“Nothing. No birds, no animals, nothing.” — Daniels
Tennessee is the experienced Chief Pilot of the Covenant. This easy going native of Lynchburg has an adventorius nature and was excited to volunteer to help colonize a new world or maybe it had something to do with escaping his checked past. Whatever the reason he now finds himself on the unexplored Planet 4.
“We didn’t leave Earth to be safe” — Tennessee
Originally Oram was the Covenant Executive Officer but after the ship’s Captain was killed by a neutrino burst he reluctantly assumed his role as the new Captain. It was Oram that made the fateful decision to land on Planet 4 much to Daniels dismay.
“David, I met the devil when I was a child, and I’ve never forgotten him.” — Oram
Shortly after landing on Planet 4 Karine, an experienced biologist, feels as if they have landed in a paradise, a real Garden of Eden. Eager to categorize this wonderful new world she very quickly finds out that not everything is how it seems.
“He’s insufferable.” — Karine
Sergeant Dan Lope was the Chief Security Officer aboard the Covenant. Lope is an accomplished soldier, steady, and responsible. After landing on the Planet he led a small group consisting of Oram, Daniels and the rest of the security team search for the source of the strange transmission. What they found was diabolical!
“We have to go! Now!” — Lope
Last but certainly not least is the synthetic android Walter 1. After the failed Promethesus mission, when Weyland-Yutani set out to design their next series of synthetics they strived to eliminate the flaws of the earlier David series. What was needed was an improved model, loyal, reliable, more efficient, and without any complex emotions. Thus was born the Walter series. Walter 1 was the first. Was he truly better? Or does he share some hidden inherited links from his predecessor?
“They’ve made a few upgrades since your day.” — Walter 1