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Adele K. Thomas is a Melbourne based illustrator, director and art director, with over ten years of experience in animation film and TV design, children’s books, advertising and apps.

Currently Adele is illustrating two junior book series for Scholastic and Penguin Random House and would love to move into children’s picture books. Her experience in animation film and TV design allows Adele to bring a lively personality and movement to her characters, expressive faces and a versatility in style & colour application.

She is passionate about illustrating books, which lead her to write and illustrate her own children’s book, Animals Eat Their Veggies Too!

In recent years Adele has worked for production companies such as Working Dog Productions, Cartoon Network, Moose, Studio Moshi, Nelvana, Zac Creative and Pearson Education.

In 2019 Adele was chosen as the artist for the Victorian Premier’s Reading Challenge.

In 2017 Adele co-directed the animation feature film, Shopkins Wild and was senior art director for both Wild and Shopkins World Vacation. Both produced by Universal. IMDB profile

Adele K Thomas

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