muthur9000 talks to Lady Anne

Please join us for a special livestream with our friend Lady Anne as we talk about Alien and female role models in cinema.

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One thought on “muthur9000 talks to Lady Anne

  1. Thank you so very much for allowing me to be on your podcast! I’m truly honored and humbled by your invitation to do this. Apologies for my “wandering” dialogue! There’s so much in the vastness of the Alien universe and it all interconnects, which is another beautiful thing about Alien!
    Hopefully folks weren’t too unhappy by my constant digressions! Lolol
    Again thank you so very much for everything YOU bring to all of us who love these films, books, artwork, etc.! You’ve managed to interview and post some of the most innovative, creative, active people in this universe we love so much who are involved in the art, writing, comic, gaming, and film industry to again mention just a few!
    It’s always a treat to see that “New post by” in my messages! Thank You Clara! Thank you so very much!
    – Lady Anne ^^ö^^ (Jessica M. Kandal, PhD)

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