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Privacy Act of 2039

Let’s get real. We all know your data is out there. But it’s your data. It’s your life. And the person who benefits from that should be: you.

After years of lobbying from Incite and other privacy advocates, Congress has finally taken a stand against Big Data companies. Recent class action lawsuits and Congressional subpoenas have exposed decades of corruption in Silicon Valley. Now, the days of corporate exploitation and political manipulation are finally over. Going forward, all companies will have to comply with strict consumer privacy protection laws that will allow you to control your data.

Starting today, your life will be yours again.

Q: What does Incite have to do with it?

A: Congress has partnered with Incite to ensure the Privacy Act is strictly enforced. We are donating our revolutionary algorithms to help monitor and regulate the entire technology industry, setting a global standard for consensual data collection and handling. Together we will pave the way to radical data transparency.

Q: Will this change my day-to-day life?

A: It’s hard to admit that we’ve all gotten used to the ease that comes with companies having access to our personal information. But Incite doesn’t want to send society back to the dark ages. We promise to be the one company you can trust to make sure your data works for you.

The Privacy Act of 2039 prevents advertisers from taking advantage of consumers, and puts your data in your hands. Our mission is to make sure you benefit from your own data, to sort through the chaos and show you what you like, what you want, and what you need. We will help you make the choices that are right for you, not for advertisers. We will help you find your path.

Q: When the law officially goes into effect, how do I take control of my life?


Please stay tuned for a short video demonstration of your future with Incite.