Unverified: Cold Iron Studios Game Details

Currently details have not been released about the Cold Iron Studios Alien Game

Around two years ago, it was announced that Cold Iron Studios were working on an Alien game. However, when Disney bought Fox and most of its assets, it set development back several months.

Insider information:

The timeline is set several years after Aliens, and immediately follows Alien: Infiltrator. You play as one of several Colonial Marines aboard the USS Henley-in-Arden (acting as the main hub world) with Destiny/Borderlands-style character presets. You’re tasked with making regular trips onto a backwater planet after Pala Station crashes into the surface, unleashing Aliens which wreak havoc on the local Colonies and crossbreed with wildlife.

Monetisation for cosmetics, such as skins, armour decals, weapons, allow for plenty customisation options. Plenty of Easter eggs from the franchise too.

Development is still ongoing, despite silence on social media pages.

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