Alien TRPG: Advanced SE Suit

Cool! Add the SE suit to your next RPG game

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I’m not a particular fan of the movies “Prometheus” and “Covenant”, at least as parts of the Alien franchise/universe, mostly due to their handling of the Xenomorph itself and how the technology seen seems to be more advanced than that seen in “Alien” (which is set *after* those movies). However, the “Alien: The Roleplaying Game” from Free League makes use of a lot of content from those movies, using it to fill in some useful gaps.

In the same spirit, I decided to “stat” the sleek environment suits worn by the crew of the Prometheus when they go planet-side…

Weyland Advanced SE Suit

SuitArmor RatingAir SupplyWeightCostComment
Weyland Advanced SE Suit2 (4 with armour)31$1,200 ($2,000 with armour)Air Supply 3, Built-In Comm Unit, Survival +2

Originally designed by Weyland Corp (now Weyland-Yutani), this now-aging hostile environment suit is still used in exploration…

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