Storytime with muthur9000 at Aliens Gateway Station Part 16

In an effort to get through my back catalogue of book reading i have decided to read out loud and discuss points of The Making of Alien Book by J.W Rinzler. Just in case you haven’t listened to my interview with him you can listen to it here.

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Part 16 of #Storytime with Muthur9000

Reading The Making of Alien by J W Rinzler
Chapter 6 Jockeying For Space May to June 1978

  • The Shipyard
  • Alien, The revised draft by Walter Hill and David Giler, Based on A Screenplay by Dan O’Bannon and Ronald Shusett. May 1978 – Summary

Chapter 7 Phase Shifters June to July 1978

  • Raising Kane
  • Signs
  • The Chestburster and more Alien Subterfuge

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