Let’s Play Chariots of the Gods Act II: The Long Night(Part1) with AvP Galaxy + Studio Yutani

Alien RPG

This was my fourth game with AvP Galaxy playing Chariots of the Gods, my first time Game Mothering this particular scenario.

Recorded this last week in the early hours of the morning.

I am joined by Shevvie/Leah Davis+Valerie Reid + Lori Clayton, Corporal Hicks/John J.Wilson, Ridgetop/Kayla Rye, Captain Vanessa Miller/The 1Def and J0nesy/Cham.

We weren’t sure about recording and uploading this one so there’s no sign off, will probably do that at the end of ACT III. Enjoy!

Let’s Play The Chariot of the Gods Act I with AvP Galaxy and Studio Yutani
  • When heading to the Amoury the crew finds Johns escaped from his cryo pod, he reveals to the crew that his team had recovered an important artifact from LV1113 and unwittingly brought back a mote pathogen which infected the ship and some of the crew.
  • Wilson takes Dr Cooper’s dose of the 26 Draconis strain innoculation and head to the bridge.
  • Once the power is up the command station works like a charm. One of the access panel with muthur 2000 emergency access key is missing, the captain’s station monitors and at a glance info is inaccessible until the reactor is restored at the reactor.
  • Facing an abomination in the reactor the crew have a final showdown.

You can find Alien vs Predator Galaxy here https://www.avpgalaxy.net/
And their YouTube here https://www.youtube.com/channel/alienvspredatorgalaxy