Let’s Play Chariots of the Gods Act II: The Long Night (Part2) with AvP Galaxy + Studio Yutani

Alien RPG

This was my fifth game with AvP Galaxy playing Chariots of the Gods, my first time Game Mothering this particular scenario.

Recorded this last week in the early hours of the morning.

I am joined by Shevvie+Valerie Reid + Lori Clayton, Corporal Hicks/John J.Wilson, Ridgetop/Kayla Rye, Captain Vanessa Miller+the head of Leah Davis/The 1Def and J0nesy/Cham.

Let’s Play The Chariot of the Gods Act II with AvP Galaxy and Studio Yutani

In this episode

  • After defeating the abomination the crew turns on the reactor, only to find out it the reactor was set to destruct the ship. The self destruct was successfully deactivated.
  • The crew decide to head to the corporate suite to check it out.
  • Everyone takes aim at the door after Clayton is attacked by the Neomorphs.
  • Kayla observes the room and uncovers items to reduce stress and also a locked safe on the wall.
  • The crew call Clayton down to the suite to open the safe but forget to warn her as she leaves the bridge.
  • The crew guess the passcode to open the safe recovering a data cube and 1 million credits.

You can find Alien vs Predator Galaxy here https://www.avpgalaxy.net/
And their YouTube here https://www.youtube.com/channel/alienvspredatorgalaxy

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