Special blog update from yours truly.

I will be migrating Prometheus Translation to premium content subscribers over the next few months as I will be shuttering Patreon as a way to support Yutani.

Now you will be able to support through the blog with a subscription monthly. Support can range from $1 right up to $100, depending on what you’d like to contribute.

Your money will go back into special projects such as publishing Prometheus Translation and also having access to exclusive content such as the Production Bibles from Prometheus and future projects such as funding artists to create works for our Tee Public Store or make deluxe post cards and posters for you our subscribers.

When it allows I will also be raffling off items monthly as an incentive and of course our Annual Alien Day Giveaway.

Currently for the Prometheus Translation PDF, exclusive to subscribers and donators to the blog: Frans Hattingh is working on editing, Luis Lopez will be supplying Proto-Indo-European titles for each chapter and Phil(USCSS Prometheus) will be making an aesthetic selection of scenes from the film to add to the book.

All supporters of Yutani on Patreon, past and present will be thanked in the credits and a copy made available to you.

I will also endeavour to find out how much it will be to print and publish a small amount for die hard fans to purchase if I can’t get an official one through.

I am determined to have Prometheus Translation a fan funded project from start to finish if it can’t be released officially.

That’s the power of Yutani and the fan community. We can combine our creativity, talents and expertise to produce creative content. It’s how we express our love for our obsession.

From the bottom of my heart thank you for subscribing to this blog, for whatever reasons have brought you to this page.

In other news I will personally be a bit scarce, I’ve made the national news for sewing free masks and scrubs for frontline workers and there’s been overwhelming support for my online store. From now on I will be working full time(and more) on sewing masks as the second wave of the Pandemic hits Australia. We’ve had over 257 cases and two deaths since reopening, now all of my city is in tier 3 shutdown. The outbreak/cluster of cases is down the road from my home and studio. Right now my local community needs me, so I can’t be focused on Yutani and creating content.

Please know that things are in the works in the background, although you may not receive regular updates from me.

Please take care of each other. And remember civilisation is measured from showing compassion for others.

Radical kindness is key to our survival.

Much love, @muthur9000