We will be covering the series soon so @traviandesigns and @muthur9000 decided to give a brief analysis for the trailers for Raised by Wolves. Let us know if you spotted anything in the trailers that we didn’t touch on and if you have any theories about where this series would go. Links Connor’s fanfiction:https://archiveofourown.org/users/JacksonVelour/works Citations […]

Blog updates I have finally linked the Epilogue for Prometheus Translated which can be found under menue item Alien Universe > Prometheus Translated > Epilogue Currently editing of the translated text is in the works, in its current state it’s not very readable. Please bear with us as we do this, I promise the wait […]

News from Scott Sigler Alien The RPG by Free League has been nominated for Best Science Fiction Role Playing Game and Scott Sigler’s Aliens: Phalanx has been nominated for Best Media Tie In Novel! Voting is now open for the 2020 Dragon Awards! Now what?  Make sure you are registered to vote. For more information go […]