40 Years 40 Artists – Quick Review

It was such a long wait for this book I actually I forgot I pre-ordered it on Amazon, so I also bought it from Booktopia.

It’s a collection of art taking inspiration from Alien through the years, some art is abstract and other take on comic forms. Each artist shares their style and interpretation of the material which is Alien. Some art depicting death, gore, creation, and others tell a story.

It’s a pity the book is so thin compared to David’s Drawings which is the in universe art book for Alien Covneant. But with such a lengthy list of artist, directors and people who haven’t ever had the opportunity to contribute to Alien in any way shape of form before it is a refreshing look at what could be.

The book isn’t without its faults, taking art from already released media such as Alien The Blueprints, some pieces seem totally out of place. I feel like this book could have been better served as a collection of posters, some of these pieces should be adorning walls and not cooped up between two hard covers.

Either way I have a book to give away to blog subscribers, I will probably wait till Christmas to make any attempt at posting it. As all mail has slowed to a snails pace, it is hard to see when things will return to normal, if ever.

Previews care of https://dailydead.com/exclusive-preview-of-alien-40-years-40-artists-coming-august-11th-from-titan-books/

Previews care of https://deadentertainment.com/2020/08/12/alien-40-years-40-artists-brings-together-some-of-the-best-alien-artwork-in-one-amazing-collection/

My favourite by far is Dane’s interpretation of Adam and God of Creation.