Blog updates

I have finally linked the Epilogue for Prometheus Translated which can be found under menue item Alien Universe > Prometheus Translated > Epilogue

Currently editing of the translated text is in the works, in its current state it’s not very readable.

Please bear with us as we do this, I promise the wait will be worthwhile.

As for content I will be recording a reaction to the Raised by Wolves Trailer this Saturday with Connor Coulson of Prometheus by Minute and Covenant by Minute Podcast.

I will be migrating Prometheus Translated over to Premium subscription as of next year, those who had donated or given to the fundraising for this project will still have a copy sent to them on PDF to keep and will not have to keep subscribing to get access.

I have some other projects in the works and collaborations lined up with other creators, although there has been a lot of raido silence from me and others who contribute to this blog, please do not mistake this as our whimper out of existence. Yutani is here to stay and it is better than ever, we are just a bit burnt out and with all this Pandemic affecting us in various ways we haven’t got the mind to be creative currently.

I am working on a number of Alien and other scifi projects unannounced, will be happy when they finally hit the public next year. Until then stay tuned as we work behind the scenes.

The first premium content sneak preview is slated to be released next month provided all things go well with our guest.

Stay frosty