Raised by Wolves – Reaction

We will be covering the series soon so @traviandesigns and @muthur9000 decided to give a brief analysis for the trailers for Raised by Wolves.

Let us know if you spotted anything in the trailers that we didn’t touch on and if you have any theories about where this series would go.


Connor’s fanfiction:https://archiveofourown.org/users/JacksonVelour/works


via @alienanthology on Instagram
via @alienanthology on Instagram
via @alienanthology on Instagram
  • Working Joes look like the medical and military androids in Raised by Wolves
Working Joe – Alien Isolation Game
  • The valley/moon in Prometheus is filmed in the same location or similar fottage was used in Raised by Wolves
LV223 – Prometheus
  • The dismembered androids in Raised by Wolves are similar to decapitated David 8 in Prometheus and Ash in Alien.
Ash – Alien
David 8 – Prometheus
  • Walter in the Meet Walter commericial/viral for Alien: Covenant is similar to that of Mother in Raised by Wolves
Meet Walter Commercial for Alien: Covenant
  • In Alien: Covenant David uses the analogy of the Wolf to describe the Alien and the Neomorph in Alien: Covenant has animalistic movement like Mother in Raised by Wolves.
Neomorph – Alien: Covenant