Tristan Jones is plagiarised by Greg Land in Marvel Alien Omnibus Cover

I had reposted some art I found on facebook for the Near Mint Conditon exclusive coverage of the Marvel Alien Omnibus on my Instagram, the cover wasn’t anything wow but it wasn’t till someone had pointed out that Greg Land had traced over Tristan Jones own Alien art that I started to get really concerned.

As I watched the situation slowly unfold people started helping to find out where the “references” came from.

And then BigChap from LV426 Discord showed a side by side comparison. It was unmistakable that it was Tristan’s work being plagiarised.

Great detective work from Adam Zeller at AvP Galaxy revealed that the egg in the corner was one by NECA

Other sites have started to give coverage as well:

Here at Studio Yutani we are no strangers to Tristan Jones and his work. Our Patreon often featured signed copies as giveaways. He has always been down to earth and gracious towards fans. Which is why this shameless move by Greg Land signals that he may not be the one to herald in Marvel as Aliens new publisher.

You can watch my discussion in THE MUTHUR ROOM with Tristan here

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