HD 10697BM: Tagg Colony (109 Piscium)


Art by Gabriel Björk Stiernström

Image from Simbad http://simbad.u-strasbg.fr/simbad/sim-id?Ident=HD+10697&submit=submit+id

HD 10697BM: Tagg Colony[2]

Tagg Colony is situated on the moon of the planet closes to the high proper motion star.

RA: 01h 44m 55s Dec: +20° 04′ 59″ Distance from Earth 151/32.6 parsecs[1]

Other designations TYC 1211-1730-1 b, Gaia DR2 95652018353917056 b, HIP 8159 b, GJ 72 b

TERRAFORMED: 2053 – 2061 POPULATION: 5,500,000 as of 2071

ESTABLISHED: 2061* INDUSTRY: Energy, Mining, Refining.   

NOTES: Vast canyons that extended over 3000 kilometers and were up to 12 kilometers deep. KEY RESOURCES: Methane, Ethane, Oxygen.

A planet situated 151 light years from Earth. Terraformed from 2053 to 2061. In 2061, Tagg Colony was established on the planet and would sport a population of over 5,5 million people by 2071. HD 10697 bm was also notable for its vast canyons that extended over 3000 kilometers and were up to 12 kilometers deep.

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