HD 39091BM: Olympia Colony (Pi Mensae b)

HD 39091B

HD 39091BM: Olympia Colony[2]

HD 39091 b is a gas giant exoplanet that orbits a F-type star. Its mass is 12.9 Jupiters, it takes 5.7 years to complete one orbit of its star, and is 3.1 AU from its star. Its discovery was announced in 2001.[4] Olympia Colony is located on its moon.

RA: 05h 37m 9s Dec: -80° 28′ 8.83″ Distance from Earth 59.59/18.27 parsecs[1]

Other designations π Mensae b, π Men b, Pi Mensae b, Pi Men b, TOI 144 b, GJ 9189 b, Gaia DR2 4623036865373793408 b, HIP 26394 b, TYC 9386-2614-1 b

TERRAFORMED: 2044-2052 POPULATION: 10,998,000 as of 2071

ESTABLISHED: 2052* INDUSTRY: terraforming, electronics, light manufacturing.

NOTES: Discovered in 2001. The first colonization of a moon after Luna. KEY RESOURCES: Iron, Zinc, Aluminium, Bornite and Thulium.

A moon situated 59 light years from Earth. Terraformed from 2044 to 2052. In 2052, Olympia Colony was founded on HD 39091 bm and was the first colonization of a moon after Luna. By 2071, the colony sported a population of almost 11 million.

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